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In the US, the developer of Pokemon go hack no survey  currently testing a new tracking system, specifically since the release of iOS 1.3.0 Update and Update Android 0.33.0 which is not yet provided in Europe with the new tracking. Apparently her wild Mon will in future catch frequent near PokéStops.

Pokemon GO has been patched to version 1.3.0 for iOS or to version 0.33.0 for Android. While we in Europe, however, can look forward only a few news to us, is included in the US version of a new tracking system. Not only that, the team leader Candela, Blanche and Spark are with it or the battery saving mode has been fixed and reactivated, no, the American pokemon go hack no survey fans can finally go back specifically to hunt down the Mon, at least some of them ,

Currently we're testing with a small group of players, a variation of" near ". During the test period can you adapt to the user to see," it is said in the patch notes. Fortunately, a member of this small group is the same for Reddit pitched and reported as the new tracking works. Before we translate it for you, one more remark: Niantic writes that it is a variation and a test balloon - so it does not mean that we get the well with the same functionality.

will650, one of the tester, so now found the following: In the "Close" window each pokemon go hack no survey is assigned to the image of PokéStops, near which it resides.Click her the picture with the Pokémon, then you can watch to display its approximate location on the map. In general, the Pokémon but do not seem to be very far from the PokéStop when you see it "near"; will650 writes that he has found his Testmon within a city block.

When a Pokémon disappears from the list, you get the information that it has fled, and it is replaced by another Pokémon nearby. Furthermore writes will650 that PokéStops as your coach avatar emit a radar if it has been selected by you.It is assumed that the associated with the PokéStop Pokémon is within this radius.

There is also a second category in the Tracker, namely "Sightings Pokémon" - the pocket monsters that appear in this category are likely to be those who are not staying near a PokéStops. will650 believed that the range of the "near" -trackers is 500 meters. We are curious to see whether it creates this type of tracking in the European version of pokemon go hack
So far we have the applicant only 'Sightings Pokémon "heading.

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5 Powerful Tips To Beat Your opponent in Clash Royal!Want to know ?

Clash Royale, a game made %u200B%u200Bby Supercell latter does take up a lot of attention of gamers on the android platform. Based strategy game with a playing style real time strategy is indeed quite simple and to make the players addicted to play it. However, not infrequently to make the players upset because it is quite difficult to master.
Well, for you who claim peramainan Clasher who want to master this one. Here we will discuss about some tips that you can possibly be applied to improve the game  clash royale you and beat your opponent.
Immediately Join the Clan
By joining a clan in Clash Royale you'll get a number of advantages that can not be obtained the players who did not join the Clan. One of them is that you can ask a friend Clan you to add a collection of your card for free.
Open Container Price Regularly
No treasure chests at the Royale Clash does require a certain time to unlock it. The treasure chests of coins, cards, and even sometimes contain gems will also help to increase the level of your card.
Find The Right Position
In the ongoing battle, the placement of the release of the troops will also be a key to your victory in the game Clash Royale. In addition to the position, the right time is also needed to attack you at once mempehatikan defense. Thus, each component of the army will be able to work well.
Do not Forget Defense
As little we reviewed above, although to win in Clash royale free gems should be maximum attack.However, you also never neglect your defense if you do not want to easily be destroyed by your opponent. For that, you also need to prepare a defense card in your deck.
Upgrade Cards
Well, this one is going to be part of the most viral on the game Clash Royale. Because, with the higher levels of a card that you have would be the stronger is its ability to attack and defend. Therefore, the upgrade card is very important to do.
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How the news service

SMS was yesterday. Anyone who's anyone on himself and wants to save, which uses chat services such as WhatsApp. And this app can what: It is possible to not only send texts, pictures and videos. Also voice recordings, contacts and locations can (almost) be replaced at no charge. Because, even the Facebook not keep Messenger.
WhatsApp is the first year for free. Thereafter, the usage per year will cost a mere 89 cents. It's worth it! An Internet connection is necessary to have, however, since everything runs over the Internet. That makes WhatsApp as low.
And so the chat WhatsApp also really works well, here are the best tips and tricks...
1. Creating a profile and profile picture
With WhatsApp contacts are copied from your own phone book. Since it is thus perhaps linked also with colleagues, it is advisable to use not too wild Xfire. Who is, however, associated only with close friends, his creativity can of course run wild ...
2. Contacts on the Home screen
WhatsApp can save your favorite contacts on the home screen in Android. It's worth it for frequent chatters. Fast can not start a conversation.
3. reasons Groups
Will you like to chat with several people or plan anything, so it is worth creating a group. This is easy using the menu at the top Android phone or iPhone via the "New Group".
4. Check check
Who chats with WhatsApp, the checkmark will notice behind a message. These indicate whether a message has arrived: a check mark and the message has arrived at WhatsApp, two hooks and the recipient has received the message. In group conversations there but only a tick.
5. Forward Chats
When iPhone via the Edit or prolonged pressure on a chat message and the same may be forwarded to others. In Android that works on the arrow at the top right, which appears when you press and hold a message. Select recipient and off you go!
6. Mute
If that permanent chatter in a group gets on my nerves, may in the short term simply release times. With "Info" and "mute" the iPhone or via the menu and "Silent" when Android has so once his rest. You can determine what action if the Group 8 hours, 1 day or 1 week to be muted. If necessary you can set the course again leave.
7. use emoticons
Smileys are funny and a lot of chatter does not come without them. When Android will find emoticons easily left of the text box. Click on the smiley box and you will see a list of all symbols. When iPhone emoticons must be activated first.This one does under the general settings and "keyboard", "Add Keyboard". Emojis can unlocked here and now WhatsApp click after be used on the globe.
Notify 8. Location
No desire for big explanations, where you meet? Permit detection on the cell phone or GPS hire and click the iPhone next to the text box, click the arrow. In Android that works on the paper clip. Send location and the meeting is no more obstacles.
Block 9. Chatter
Are there any dispute with another chatter? Then you can simply this "blocking" in the chat settings. Of course you can also re-contacts "Unblock".
10. Remove timestamp
The default setting in WhatsApp allows others to see when you have the app last used. Must everyone know? No! On the iPhone, you can set it easily on IM settings and "Advanced". When Android an extra you need in an app such as "Block WhatsApp Last Seen" for 79 cents).
11. Background personalize
With WhatsApp can you look at the chat background search itself and indeed also in the chat settings. Either you take a finished picture and takes its own.
Automatically synchronize 12 Photos
Who often get photos sent via WhatsApp and this would like to have with you on the phone in the photo gallery, which can define the IM settings, all pictures are automatically transferred there. Some smartphones do that automatically.
13. Set Benachrichtungsart
The constant nervous tones when a message arrives? In the chat settings can also specify whether you would rather be informed by sound or vibration of new messages. That you can change, of course, such as for important meetings.
14. Chat Faster
Takes the chat too long, it may be his typing speed significantly with small tipsincrease. So you can make the Enter key on the chat settings to transmit key.Who's wants even faster, can with additional apps like SwiftKey (3.99 euros) tap instead simply wipe. The app detects and learns words automatically. With some smartphones SwiftKey is already preinstalled. Schneller's the Limit ...
In different versions of smart phones and app functions are similar.
whatsapp hack | whatsapp hack tool
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Games management, strategy and war have a strong reef in mobile platforms. And so, after the success of Clash of Clans , many other titles have tried their luck. The latest try is dominations , sure to please fans of the history and evolution of the most important civilizations of mankind. All with gameplay centeredstrategy to manage wisely the resources for new discoveries, without losing battles against the enemy.

This is a strategy game that will remind the usual genre other games like Civilitation . And the first thing you need to do is select one of the greatest civilizations in the world: Egyptian, Greek, Roman, French, German, Chinese, Japanese or British . A good selection that is an excuse to travel to the course of history and relive the most important moments of humanity and the most epic battles and the most revolutionary discoveries.

And the key to this game is to enjoy a campaign that, through missions , poses go from the beginning of these civilizations, from the Stone Age, to the space age . All well they guided and moments that force the player to focus all their attention on the development of their nations , or attack and conquer to keep growing and dominating the world.

Thus, the game mechanics are primarily focused on the management of civilizations . One issue that concerns from the economy and trade , focusing primarily on the development of a city and buildingsthat can be improved, to the management of troops and their way of fighting during the battle. In this respect both the use of gold as the food , the wood and other aspects are very important for discovering new materials and constructions that can add value and new products to the nation. As well as providingthe army units and weapons , being one of the pillars of the game. clash of clans hack

And everything is not to build and see how the company selected evolves slowly. The struggles are key .Both on the defensive, ensuring build towers and walls to avoid enemy attacks and building real armies , knowing the virtues of taming horses or the development of gunpowder . Also, during the game you can join forces with great conquerors and personalities of these nations from Cleopatra until Khan ,Napoleon and others responsible for the history of mankind. All this with a simple gameplay that is just click on the object and mark the option you want to perform . And, those looking for direct action are in the wrong game.

In short, a game for those who like to collect and manage resources to create real armies and relive moments in the history of mankind from no less than seven different perspectives. A game that brings its innovations and development regarding classic Clash of Clans , though the ink is left in the social and multiplayer pitting players against other field. Good thing DomiNation is available for free for both Android and for IOSYou can download through Google Play and App Store . Of course, it has integrated shopping less patient users. you can get free dominations gold food and crown and dominations cheat
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