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WhatsApp: Tips and Tricks to chat

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SMS was yesterday. Anyone who's anyone on himself and wants to save, which uses chat services such as WhatsApp. And this app can what: It is possible to not only send texts, pictures and videos. Also voice recordings, contacts and locations can (almost) be replaced at no charge. Because, even the Facebook not keep Messenger.
WhatsApp is the first year for free. Thereafter, the usage per year will cost a mere 89 cents. It's worth it! An Internet connection is necessary to have, however, since everything runs over the Internet. That makes WhatsApp as low.
And so the chat WhatsApp also really works well, here are the best tips and tricks...
1. Creating a profile and profile picture
With WhatsApp contacts are copied from your own phone book. Since it is thus perhaps linked also with colleagues, it is advisable to use not too wild Xfire. Who is, however, associated only with close friends, his creativity can of course run wild ...
2. Contacts on the Home screen
WhatsApp can save your favorite contacts on the home screen in Android. It's worth it for frequent chatters. Fast can not start a conversation.
3. reasons Groups
Will you like to chat with several people or plan anything, so it is worth creating a group. This is easy using the menu at the top Android phone or iPhone via the "New Group".
4. Check check
Who chats with WhatsApp, the checkmark will notice behind a message. These indicate whether a message has arrived: a check mark and the message has arrived at WhatsApp, two hooks and the recipient has received the message. In group conversations there but only a tick.
5. Forward Chats
When iPhone via the Edit or prolonged pressure on a chat message and the same may be forwarded to others. In Android that works on the arrow at the top right, which appears when you press and hold a message. Select recipient and off you go!
6. Mute
If that permanent chatter in a group gets on my nerves, may in the short term simply release times. With "Info" and "mute" the iPhone or via the menu and "Silent" when Android has so once his rest. You can determine what action if the Group 8 hours, 1 day or 1 week to be muted. If necessary you can set the course again leave.
7. use emoticons
Smileys are funny and a lot of chatter does not come without them. When Android will find emoticons easily left of the text box. Click on the smiley box and you will see a list of all symbols. When iPhone emoticons must be activated first.This one does under the general settings and "keyboard", "Add Keyboard". Emojis can unlocked here and now WhatsApp click after be used on the globe.
Notify 8. Location
No desire for big explanations, where you meet? Permit detection on the cell phone or GPS hire and click the iPhone next to the text box, click the arrow. In Android that works on the paper clip. Send location and the meeting is no more obstacles.
Block 9. Chatter
Are there any dispute with another chatter? Then you can simply this "blocking" in the chat settings. Of course you can also re-contacts "Unblock".
10. Remove timestamp
The default setting in WhatsApp allows others to see when you have the app last used. Must everyone know? No! On the iPhone, you can set it easily on IM settings and "Advanced". When Android an extra you need in an app such as "Block WhatsApp Last Seen" for 79 cents).
11. Background personalize
With WhatsApp can you look at the chat background search itself and indeed also in the chat settings. Either you take a finished picture and takes its own.
Automatically synchronize 12 Photos
Who often get photos sent via WhatsApp and this would like to have with you on the phone in the photo gallery, which can define the IM settings, all pictures are automatically transferred there. Some smartphones do that automatically.
13. Set Benachrichtungsart
The constant nervous tones when a message arrives? In the chat settings can also specify whether you would rather be informed by sound or vibration of new messages. That you can change, of course, such as for important meetings.
14. Chat Faster
Takes the chat too long, it may be his typing speed significantly with small tipsincrease. So you can make the Enter key on the chat settings to transmit key.Who's wants even faster, can with additional apps like SwiftKey (3.99 euros) tap instead simply wipe. The app detects and learns words automatically. With some smartphones SwiftKey is already preinstalled. Schneller's the Limit ...
In different versions of smart phones and app functions are similar.
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