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Pokemon GO: New tracking in the test in the United States - Pokemon PokeStops
In the US, the developer of Pokemon go hack no survey  currently testing a new tracking system, specifically since the release of iOS 1.3.0 Update and Update Android 0.33.0 which is not yet provided in Europe with the new tracking. Apparently her wild Mon will in future catch frequent near PokéStops.

Pokemon GO has been patched to version 1.3.0 for iOS or to version 0.33.0 for Android. While we in Europe, however, can look forward only a few news to us, is included in the US version of a new tracking system. Not only that, the team leader Candela, Blanche and Spark are with it or the battery saving mode has been fixed and reactivated, no, the American pokemon go hack no survey fans can finally go back specifically to hunt down the Mon, at least some of them ,

Currently we're testing with a small group of players, a variation of" near ". During the test period can you adapt to the user to see," it is said in the patch notes. Fortunately, a member of this small group is the same for Reddit pitched and reported as the new tracking works. Before we translate it for you, one more remark: Niantic writes that it is a variation and a test balloon - so it does not mean that we get the well with the same functionality.

will650, one of the tester, so now found the following: In the "Close" window each pokemon go hack no survey is assigned to the image of PokéStops, near which it resides.Click her the picture with the Pokémon, then you can watch to display its approximate location on the map. In general, the Pokémon but do not seem to be very far from the PokéStop when you see it "near"; will650 writes that he has found his Testmon within a city block.

When a Pokémon disappears from the list, you get the information that it has fled, and it is replaced by another Pokémon nearby. Furthermore writes will650 that PokéStops as your coach avatar emit a radar if it has been selected by you.It is assumed that the associated with the PokéStop Pokémon is within this radius.

There is also a second category in the Tracker, namely "Sightings Pokémon" - the pocket monsters that appear in this category are likely to be those who are not staying near a PokéStops. will650 believed that the range of the "near" -trackers is 500 meters. We are curious to see whether it creates this type of tracking in the European version of pokemon go hack
So far we have the applicant only 'Sightings Pokémon "heading.

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