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When I started using Instagram, I got into the habit of making a picture practically every day. Later, when I started publishing on my clients' business accounts, I realized that my methods of generating commitment and bringing forward took a long time. I had to find a great strategy and an excellent time management.

Here are the 5 tips that saved me hours and hours on Instagram

1. Plan your content ahead of time.

It sounds simple: take a few minutes a day to think of a good idea, create the publication, and publish it. Alas, when your business grows, you can not continue to improvise. I changed my rifle and started to plan. What content will I post this week? Will I follow a theme? What do my clients' audiences need?

It takes less time to plan a week of publication than it takes to think about it every day. You may get the impression that the sum of the parts is equal to the total when you add up the time spent creating each publication, but working in batches really saves time.

What helps is to use a publication tool on Instagram. For now, publishing tools can not publish directly to Instagram. They send an alert on our phone and load the content for you, but you have to publish it manually. Different tools manage this situation in different ways. Later   and Planoly   show you a visual representation of what your content will look when your planned publications will be online. They also have a calendar view so you can drag publications from one day to the next. Agorapulse also a calendar feature with the ability to drag and drop. The tool has weekly and monthly views. In addition, you can use the "queue" and the tool will automatically publish content for you (as Buffer does on Twitter). Crowdfire lets you schedule content for a specific time or for the "best" time determined by him. 

2. Use a tool to separate "I like" and comments.

One mistake I made at the beginning was to want to find the comments directly on Instagram, where the "I like" and comments are mixed since they are placed chronologically. I was wasting time scrolling all the "I love" to find the comments. And when the number of followers increases and the engagement increases, responding to Instagram becomes difficult.

For this, a tool can be useful. Agorapulse allows me to see all comments in an inbox until I reach "inbox zero". I can answer the comments and mark them as treaties to find out what still remains to be done.

3. Do not type descriptions with your thumbs.

When you tap on a tiny screen with your thumbs, you're wasting time. Even if you are fast, adding hashtags and editing the text can be painful. It saves a lot of time when you can type descriptions on a computer, especially if you already use a tool like Later, Planoly, Agorapulse or Crowdfire to plan your content.

If you do not want to add another tool to your arsenal, you can even use Evernote to type your text in advance, then open the Evernote app on your phone to copy and paste the text into Instagram.

Another way to save time is to use the dictation application on your phone. (Most phones have a microphone icon on the keyboard to activate the dictation). Dictate a comment saves you time, and then you only have to add hashtags. If you only work with your phone, you could buy a small Bluetooth keyboard to type directly into Instagram.

4. Organize your photos.

Have you ever wanted to publish a photo and have to scroll through your roll of photos to find it? That time is over. Create an album in which you save the photos you would like to use on Instagram. If you have an iPhone, that means an iOS album. This is a useful tactic to easily find pictures to send to an app that will be used to edit or add to the text, such as Over or VSCO.

Since I like to plan ahead, as I explained, using a planning tool like Later is even better because you can host your images in the tool itself and plan them directly. Later will separate the "unused media" (images you have not yet planned) from "media used" (the ones you have already published), and allow you to add labels to your images so that you can find Specific types of images quickly.

Whether you choose an iPhone album, Later, or another tool, separating your content suitable for Instagram from the rest of your photos can help you quickly find content.

5. Carefully monitor your commitment and metrics

Open Instagram whenever your phone notifies you that you have received an "I like" or a comment, it's like trying to work by trying to keep an eye on your mailbox and read every email as soon as it arrives . If you are distracted constantly, you will never do anything.

In addition, this is not the best way to tell you about your success: the information comes to you in the form of anecdotal evidence and you have no overall view. My advice is to disable notifications (on the iPhone you can disable banners and alerts, but keep the badge on the app's icon). Then set a time to go see your comments and review your metrics. You can do this once a day, or several times a day, depending on the number of comments your Instagram profile receives and their frequency.

Check your analytics weekly and monthly to see what trends emerge and what you can learn. What types of content, which hashtags and which hours of the day bring you the best engagement? When did you get the most clicks and clicks on the link in your bio? Provide a time slot to review the statistics.
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Finally one of the most anticipated games has come to light, FIFA 17. A title that is expected every year with a new delivery and has brought some improvements that we will discuss below.
People have strongly criticized various aspects of the game; Since despite having changed the graphics engine, still the improvements are not as remarkable as in other deliveries. In addition, the gameplay has not had a major change and thus have allowed the competitors have reached in that regard. Something that in which FIFA prevailed.
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The strength of this release FIFA 17 is the story mode that have included collaboration with different companies that have been awarded for their stories in other games. With them they have managed to create a unique experience that we had not seen in a football game; Where we will control the player at our whim and our decisions will affect the story. Being able to stand out and be someone famous if we do everything correctly.
In addition, more interested players have found ways to obtain coins by tricks in fifa 17 . The first thing is that you must be a good player: do not abandon games, play seasons, hire a coach, buy and sell characters. The latter is the most effective way to achieve this in a short period of time but need to adopt a good strategy for getting people to fall into the lure and buy a player wholesale price is really worth.
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