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Clash Royale Tournament - how it works Tips and Tricks
Now it is finally possible to organize Clash Royale Tournaments and we will explain to you step by step how to create a Clash Royale Tournament.
Today, Supercell has sent a message to all members in Clash Royale. This means that you can now create Clash Royale Tournaments. So if you want to hold your own Clash Royale tournament, the developers can do it quite simply. Because the developer team has recognized quite early on that many players start their own tournaments against each other. Because of course wants also Supercell play a role and made the whole with a new update in the app possible.

Clash Royale Tournaments

Before you can start your own Clash Royale tournament, some things have to be considered. You have the possibility to join an existing tournament or create your own tournament.
Thanks to the update, numerous functions have been rearranged and are now available elsewhere. In the bottom menu bar was the Clash Royale free gems hack TV icon, which has now been replaced by the tournament symbol. If you would like to see fights, you will find this menu item in the Arena overview.
By participating in tournaments you can fight against other players from nearby and win the tournament trophies offered there. Get up and win even gigantic tournament rests.
Clash Royale Tournament
To start your own tournament at Clash Royale free gems generator, follow these steps. Please mind that you have to use jewels depending on the selection, in order to create a tournament.
  1. Click the tournament icon at the bottom of the menu
  2. Now you see an overview of tournaments in the vicinity. Just click on the " Create Tournament " icon in the upper left corner  to start your own tournament .
  3. Tournament Name
    Here you can enter any name for the tournament. To find the tournament you need the tournament name or tournament name. However, if there are several tournaments with identical names, we recommend that you search for the shortcut.
  4. Description
    Here you can describe the tournament in a few words and possibly leave additional information.
  5. Set password
    If you want to choose your tournament participants, a password could be helpful which you only have to make available. In this case, your tournament is not public.
  6. Region
    The coordinates displayed by the location services are displayed here. The region can not be changed and it is recommended to create the tournament where it should actually take place. So do not start a tournament on holiday ;-)
  7. Duration
    You can specify how long the tournament should last until the winner is selected. We recommend not to choose the time too short, so that it will be possible for others to participate. There are times between one hour and three days.
  8. Preparation
    Either you start the tournament already 15 minutes after creation or delayed up to 2 hours later.
  9. Main Prize
    Here you can set the main prize for the winner and have to invest a lot of jewels accordingly. Depending on the main price, the number of participants is also selectable. With the smallest selection of x30, 50 players can participate and with x15,000 up to 1000 players.
  10. Create tournament
  11. Finally, click on "Create tournament" and your tournament has been created successfully. Until the tournament starts depends on the entered preparation time.

Clash Royale tournament rules

The whole should of course also run off and everyone should have the chance in a tournament to go upwards. To this end there are, of course, tournament rules which have been defined as follows:
  • King level limit: 9
  • Ordinary cards: Level 9
  • Rare Levellimite: 7
  • Epic levellimite: 4
  • Legendary Levellimite: 1
  • Extension time: 3 minutes
As you can see in the tournament rules, the card is limited to give the average players a chance. Sure, the rules are always optimized once again if there are new experiences reports.

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