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Dominations, manage your nation and conquer the world
Games management, strategy and war have a strong reef in mobile platforms. And so, after the success of Clash of Clans , many other titles have tried their luck. The latest try is dominations , sure to please fans of the history and evolution of the most important civilizations of mankind. All with gameplay centeredstrategy to manage wisely the resources for new discoveries, without losing battles against the enemy.

This is a strategy game that will remind the usual genre other games like Civilitation . And the first thing you need to do is select one of the greatest civilizations in the world: Egyptian, Greek, Roman, French, German, Chinese, Japanese or British . A good selection that is an excuse to travel to the course of history and relive the most important moments of humanity and the most epic battles and the most revolutionary discoveries.

And the key to this game is to enjoy a campaign that, through missions , poses go from the beginning of these civilizations, from the Stone Age, to the space age . All well they guided and moments that force the player to focus all their attention on the development of their nations , or attack and conquer to keep growing and dominating the world.

Thus, the game mechanics are primarily focused on the management of civilizations . One issue that concerns from the economy and trade , focusing primarily on the development of a city and buildingsthat can be improved, to the management of troops and their way of fighting during the battle. In this respect both the use of gold as the food , the wood and other aspects are very important for discovering new materials and constructions that can add value and new products to the nation. As well as providingthe army units and weapons , being one of the pillars of the game.

And everything is not to build and see how the company selected evolves slowly. The struggles are key .Both on the defensive, ensuring build towers and walls to avoid enemy attacks and building real armies , knowing the virtues of taming horses or the development of gunpowder . Also, during the game you can join forces with great conquerors and personalities of these nations from Cleopatra until Khan ,Napoleon and others responsible for the history of mankind. All this with a simple gameplay that is just click on the object and mark the option you want to perform . And, those looking for direct action are in the wrong game.

In short, a game for those who like to collect and manage resources to create real armies and relive moments in the history of mankind from no less than seven different perspectives. A game that brings its innovations and development regarding classic Clash of Clans , though the ink is left in the social and multiplayer pitting players against other field. Good thing DomiNation is available for free for both Android and for IOSYou can download through Google Play and App Store . Of course, it has integrated shopping less patient users. 
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